If you just moved to Ridgefield, then welcome! Ridgefield Newcomers offer many events to help you socialize with other, newer member of the community. So where should you get started? Well here are some suggestions.

Did you just move here?
Are you looking to socialize with other people or couples who may have similar interests? Well if so, Destination Dinners is a great choice. Each member will complete a survey indicating their interests. Couples and singles will then be matched up with other people who share interests into a Dinner Group. Dinner Groups will meet every 4-6 weeks for dinner.

Couples Night Out and Winetasters are great options for events since they offer opportunities to mingle with other newcomers. New this year for those who love the outdoors is Hiking; join up to explore all of the beautiful walking trails in and around Ridgefield. Bunco is also a fun option for those who enjoy playing games with large groups!

If you are looking for social events with other themes….

Got Kids?
If you have kids then take advantage of special activities for parents with children. Weekday Tots and Family Fun offer great outings for parents and their children to meet other families and also explore some of the fun things to do in Ridgefield or nearby

Empty Nester?
We've got a special group just for you.

Ladies Night Out, Ladies Lunch Out and Evening Book Club are all popular events since they allow the ladies to take a break from work, family duties etc. and mingle with some girlfriends.

Some men like to play Golf and others like to play Poker. We have activities that cater to all! And for those of you who just want to socialize, consider Men's Night Out.

If you are still not sure which event is right for you or have an idea for a new activity, let us know. Send a note to the VP of activities at


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